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Youshould not at all think with a negative perception for a loan when unemployed. It isn’t a task that causes confusion about approval and unbending terms.  

We, at Loan Unemployed are with you carrying expertise and years of experience in the market.  

As zero (0%), as zero (0%), for loans used in the first group (a) of the first paragraph (a), the overall response rates are used in the first group for cash and non-cash transit trade, exports and deliveries and currency-saving services and activities. Five (0.5%) per thousand for cash loans used to medium-sized enterprises can apply as one (0.1%) for non-cash loans.

Overall public credits; While collateral letters, acceptance loans, letter of credit, credits, turnovers, such as a debt obligation, as soon as a requirement is unable to be carried out in the future, are also unmalitable non-cash loans that can be credited with other persons.

Monthly, as of the last day of each month, the general provisions calculated the 400 dollar loan in the last day are written in the Passive “General Provisions” account.

The board is authorized to determine higher rates than the rates of the sectors and countries where loans will be used.

Although they are realized, they have already taken the level of general provision to meet unconscious credit damages on credit basis.

Banks also separate the general provisions of the country and transfer risks in addition to the general provisions to be separated in accordance with the first paragraph.

Nevertheless, we can’t just ignore our strength of strong network of associates in the industry for arranging loans. So, with us you can be sure of no confusion and flutters but, skillfully negotiated loan agreements.  

As it is, we are quite picky about forming our network that essentially includes professional lenders. Our interest is arranging the best deal for you despite your transitory phase of unemployment.

We take the phase with strength of mind so that we are able to see it from your view point of current struggle.    

For sure, you will enjoy all those attractive features as available to employed individuals. This is the promise from the team Loan Unemployed.

A loan minus collateral
No problem even if your disadvantageous side includes not owning a property to pledge. You may live in rented accommodation; it is not insurmountable obstacle. We negotiate loans for you without collateral. We believe if you had as much to own a property, you will not be looking for a loan.

No compromise with your privacy
Being a job seeker doesn’t mean compromise in any way in the matters of privacy of your data. We adopt uniform policy of data protection at every stage of handling for every borrower.

We have enforced enough technology based security features to guard any type of personal information you provide us from falling into wrong hands.  Data sharing is strictly restricted within reliable associate lenders for negotiation of loans.

Internet based process
Our operation is fully internet based, the feature that allows you to finish off application in minutes without having to move out of your room. Apply for a loan or send message for communication anytime; we are open daily. No documentation and no faxing.

Fill out the easy application form for swift processing ensuring you the loan within shortest time. 

Unexpected Bills

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APR Example

You Borrow —£700
You Pay —£868
  • Representative APR 1223.6% (Variable)